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Owning is Cheaper than Renting in Spokane, WA

Haydn Halsted
Mar 7 2 minutes read

Here's why owning is cheaper than renting in Spokane, wa:

If we check out one of my favorite websites,, it shows that the average rent in Spokane for a three bed two bath in $1,925 per month. If you wanted to go buy a three bedroom two bath house, that would only cost you $1,813 per month.

Listings Around Spokane

what if I don't have money for down payment? 

Well I'm glad you mentioned that because these numbers are ran using a down payment assistance program meaning your down payment is covered.

To know which Down Payment Assistance Loan Program is right for you, you can visit the link below:


Down Payment Assistance Loan Program in Washington


Well, remember that last month's rent, security deposit and pet deposit you're probably gonna put down on the rental. that totals nearly $6,000 which is the same cost as your closing costs. Take the leap and invest in yourself!

Mortgage Calculator

We're here to help!

Knowing what is involved financially in buying your home can help you anticipate costs, strategize expenses, and better understand the negotiation process. 

In the end, having an idea of where your money will go helps plan your next move with confidence — a feeling that’s priceless.

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