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Moving to Spokane, WA vs. Coeur D’Alene, ID | Cost of Living Differences

Haydn Halsted
Jan 7 8 minutes read

Deciding if you should move to Spokane or Coeur D’Alene is like picking between your two favorite children. You love both of them but they have different beautiful qualities that make them special in their own way. Today we’re going to focus on where your money will go when you live in these two cities to hopefully help you make a better financial decision for your situation.

For being only a 40 minute drive from downtown Spokane to Downtown Coeur D’alene, there’s actually quite a bit of difference in the cost of living once you cross the border. 

These very differences are why the traffic coming into Spokane during morning rush hour and leaving Spokane during evening rush hour are so bad. For a long time, people were living in Idaho and working in Washington because it had the most financial benefit. Higher wages in Washington, lower cost of living in Idaho. Now this is all anecdotal from my perspective and personal experience, but I think most people from around here would agree. This stigma still holds true because that rush hour traffic has just gotten worse and worse over the years to where there truly is stand still traffic on I-90 during rush which to us locals has been a crazy thing to watch. 

This blog post is meant to provide some numbers to this stigma. Is it actually cheaper to live in Idaho? Will you actually make more money in Washington? Is that 40 minute drive both ways (and that’s with no traffic by the way) worth it for you and your family?

1. housing

The median age of a home in Spokane is 52.5% older than the median age of a home in Coeur d'Alene.

 General DetailsSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Median Home Age592841
 Median Home Cost$335,100$476,800$291,700
 Home Appr. Last 12 months26.3%31.1%15.0%
 Home Appr. Last 5 yrs.95.7%97.3%42.4%
 Home Appr. Last 10 yrs.125.5%170.4%77.0%
 Homes Owned51.1%48.7%56.2%
 Housing Vacant7.5%6.7%12.1%
 Homes Rented41.4%44.7%31.6%

2. rent

The Average Rent For Home or Apartment is 2.23% cheaper in Spokane than Coeur d'Alene.

 Average Rent For Home Or ApartmentSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Average Rent$1,332$1,362$1,681
 Studio Apartment$636$676$949
 1 Bedroom Home or Apartment$722$774$1,048
 2 Bedroom Home or Apartment$938$959$1,278
 3 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,332$1,362$1,681
 4 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,584$1,641$1,950

3. inventory

 Vacant HousingSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Vacant For Rent1.6%1.6%2.0%
 Vacant Rented0.4%0.2%0.4%
 Vacant For Sale0.9%0.9%0.9%
 Vacant Sold0.3%0.4%0.5%
 Vacant Vacation0.6%2.3%4.0%
 Vacant Other3.7%1.3%4.3%

 Owner-Occupied Housing ValueSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Less Than $20,0001.5%2.8%2.7%
 $20,000 to $39,9990.9%3.5%2.7%
 $40,000 to $59,9990.6%1.4%3.4%
 $60,000 to $79,9992.8%1.2%4.7%
 $80,000 to $99,9994.9%1.1%5.5%
 $100,000 to $149,99921.0%7.6%13.3%
 $150,000 to $199,99923.2%22.2%14.0%
 $200,000 to $299,99924.8%31.6%19.6%
 $300,000 to $399,99910.8%15.8%12.2%
 $400,000 to $499,9994.5%6.5%7.1%
 $500,000 to $749,9993.6%3.4%8.2%
 $750,000 to $999,9990.8%1.8%3.2%
 $1,000,000 to $1,499,9990.2%0.6%1.8%
 $1,500,000 to $1,999,9990.0%0.0%0.7%
 $2,000,000 and over0.2%0.6%0.9%

 Housing Units By Year BuiltSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 2015 and Newer1.7%5.8%2.5%
 2010 to 20141.9%4.1%2.7%
 2000 to 20098.4%21.8%14.0%
 1990 to 19999.7%20.1%13.9%
 1980 to 19897.4%9.0%13.4%
 1970 to 197913.7%17.6%15.2%
 1960 to 19699.7%20.1%13.9%
 1950 to 195914.4%4.8%10.3%
 1940 to 19499.7%2.7%4.9%
 1939 or Earlier26.6%9.9%12.6%

4.taxes & cost of living

Spokane's tax rate is 27.85% higher than Coeur d'Alene and 0.2% than US Average.

Property TaxSpokane, WA
Coeur d'Alene, ID
United States
Property Tax Rate

General cost of LivingSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Food & Groceries98.8101.7100
 Median Home Cost$217,900$323,200$231,200

100 = National Average (Below 100 means cheaper than the US average. Above 100 means more expensive.)

5. health care

- There are 231 physicians per 100,000 people in Coeur d'Alene.
- There are 241 physicians per 100,000 people in Spokane.
- The US average is 210 physicians per 100,000 people.

 Factors Affecting General HealthSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Air Quality44.452.658.4
 Water Quality 384855
 Superfund Sites 7388.786.9
 Physicians per Cap.241231210
 Health Cost8396100

(100 = best)

6.future growth

- Job Growth in Coeur d'Alene has been positive.
- Coeur d'Alene has 1.7% more unemployment than Spokane.
- Coeur d'Alene job growth has increased by 22.0% in the past 10 years.

 Job MarketSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Current Unemployment6.6%4.9%6.0%
 Future Job Growth33.4%44.7%33.5%
 Recent Job Growth-2.7%-2.0%-6.2%
 3 Yr. Job Growth2.5%2.3%-3.6%
 5 Yr. Job Growth7.6%7.4%-0.7%
 10 Yr. Job Growth6.0%22.0%6.3%

7. population

- Coeur d'Alene is 0.9% more densely populated than Spokane.
- People are 8.8% more likely to be married in Coeur d'Alene.
- The Median Age is 0.6 years older in Coeur d'Alene.

 PeopleSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Female Population51.3%50.4%50.8%
 Male Population48.7%49.7%49.2%
 Median Age35.836.437.8
 Married Population
 Population Density3,229.03,346.193.3
 Land Area68.815.93,531,905.4
 Water Area0.70.7264,836.8
 Household Size2.322.352.63
 Family Households50,53811,96578,298,703
 Married couple, w/children28.6%29.6%31.1%
 Married couple, no children40.6%44.1%42.3%
 Non Family Households38,1458,12540,527,218
 Single householder, w/children21.2%17.9%16.3%
 Single householder, no children9.5%8.4%10.3%


- The Median Age in Coeur d'Alene is 0.2 years older than in Spokane.
- Coeur d'Alene housing costs are 42.3% more expensive than Spokane housing costs.
- The average commute for residents of Coeur d'Alene is 2.2 minutes shorter than it is for residents of Spokane. 

 OverviewSpokane, WACoeur d'Alene, IDUnited States
 Median Income$42,814$41,336$53,482
 Median Age35.435.637.4
 Avg. Home Price$335,100$476,800$291,700
 Unemployment Rate6.6%4.9%6.0%
 Avg. Commute Time20.1217.9226.38

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